Bootable Electron Node JS Application

An HW Accelerated IoT oriented Web Kiosk for Makers

A Web Kiosk Bootstrap

B.E.N.J.A. is an installer that makes you focus on what matters: developing amazing projects!
You don't need to know much about Linux, it's already prepared for you.
You don't need to configure drivers or UI: it's a Plug & Make micro SD card.
You can edit a project remotely, or directly on your computer and can make it portable simply copying it around.

An Inter-Web of Things

Differently from every other platform, B.E.N.J.A. provides a way for makers to create via Web interface.
Switch on the light, check humidity, temperature, make the coffee, spy your cat, and show him your face on TV, there's no limit in what you could do through a privileged Web view!

Beyond the Web

The B.E.N.J.A. environment doesn't have usual Web constrains: you have full Hardware access as well as all Operating System features!
It's NodeJS on top of Linux, delivered through an Electron instance that runs on ab hardware accelerated Xorg.


Open Source centric and community driven, Arch Linux is one of the most popular and well documented Linux distributions out there.
Simple, lightweight, and always up-to-date, its ARM counterpart has been working on hacker-friendly boards long time before others and it can bootstrap in just a few seconds.

Based on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine, NodeJS is the powerful JavaScript runtime used by backend developers as well as system administrators.
Thanks to npm modules such serialport or johnny-five, NodeJS can be used to drive Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and many other IoT oriented boards.

Electron is an open source project maintained by GitHub with an active community of contributors.
It uses Chromium and NodeJS, providing the ability to build any kind of app using the HTML, CSS and JavaScript Web stack.
B.E.N.J.A. uses it to create a restrictions-free Web full of potentials.